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Book cover for 'Mercenary's Escape' by Stacey Osvett

Mercenary's Escape

Unseen Visions by Stacey Osvett book cover

Unseen Visions

White Noise by Stacey Osvett book cover

White Noise

The story of

Stacey Osvett

Stacey Osvett is a quirky, off-beat writer, with a passionate love of all things science fiction and fantasy. She has always been drawn to the fantastical and the futuristic, with a love for exploring new worlds and unique ideas.

When she isn’t writing, Stacey can be found reading, hiking, or playing with her Golden Retriever, probably while dressed in her favorite cosplay outfit or making puns about unicorns. She draws inspiration from her love of all things strange and fantastical, and never takes herself too seriously.

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